Bad Apple Wars: Satoru

Game: Bad Apple Wars
Route: Satoru

This post will contain a simplified walkthrough to ensure you reach the perfect and “NEVAH” endings in order to collect all of the images.  Please note that I have chosen to not include CG screenshots with my walkthroughs to avoid spoiling the game.

Note: Just like in Collar x Malice, in Bad Apple Wars there is some interaction with the screen. In this game you have to touch the character to access their memories, so please be aware of where you touch the screen as a misstep could send you down the wrong path!

Since it takes additional time for me to play through the game and notate each choice, please do not repost this walkthrough without credit. Thanks, and enjoy the game!

*Bold Red Text:

*Good Apples Side
Bad Apples Side

Gateway Bridge

(enter your name)

Gateway Bridge

[Touch] Face (x2), Hair (x2), Book

[Touch] Face (x2), Hand (x2), Book

[Touch] Chest (x2), Head (x2), Face

*Classroom (Only Option)

[Touch] Head(x2), Shoulder(x2), Back

[Touch] Head(x2), Shoulder(x2), White collar

You need to visit all, the order doesn’t matter

++ Save CH 6 ++

[Touch] Face until monologue is over (Do not Touch Hair/Head as this will give you a bad ending)

[Touch] Hand until monologue is over (Do not Touch back as this will give you a bad ending)

// Perfect Ending //


To get the remaining CG’s:

++ Load Chapter 6 Save ++

[Touch] Hair/Head repeatedly

[Touch] Back Repeatedly

// NEVAH Ending //


To access other character walkthroughs, please visit the Game Guide page.