Hakuōki Kyoto Winds: Yukimura Chizuru

Game: Hakuōki, Kyoto Winds
Route:  Yukimura Chizuru

This post will contain a simplified walkthrough to ensure you reach the Normal ending in order to collect all of the images.  Please note that I have chosen to not include CG screenshots with my walkthroughs to avoid spoiling the game.

Since it takes additional time for me to play through the game and notate each choice, please do not repost this walkthrough without credit. Thanks, and enjoy the game!


Chapter 1

Find a way to escape
Stayed where I was
Stay put
Wow, I had no idea
Quietly return to my room
Go to Fushimi
Oh, no thank you

Chapter 2

Remain in the compound
Why me?
Yamazaki, you should go
Head to the Ikeda Inn
…follow Harada
… will stay behind
Go to the common room
Don’t ask him

Chapter 3

Return to my room
Go outside
Yes, it might be asking too much
Go with them
Go back to headquarters
Yeah, it is
No, I’ll take care of it
It’s not any of my business
My father
The Furies

Chapter 4

The soldiers
Someone close to the people who were leaving
Go outside
Decided to stay home
I want to help
Trust Hijikata
Return immediately

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