One Shot: I’m gonna lose

Type: One Shot
Character: Olivia Vaughn
Author: Annie

The exposed skin of her back rubbed up against the damp, coarse brick, a growl of frustration growing in her throat. Dammit. Everything was going well until he showed up, and now she was cornered like an animal in a cage. This vampire knew her far too well; the weakness in her right shoulder, the old battle scars that never healed. But he also knew exactly how to get under his skin, and right now his presence was striking far deeper than any weapon or fangs would dare go.

Now that her target had escaped the underground tunnel, they were all alone, the insufferable tension growing heavier as their standoff continued. Both of their breathing was ragged, and the exhaustion from their fierce battle moments before was starting to settle in. Once again with ease the pureblood had taken the upper hand, leaving Olivia pinned to the wall, forced to defend against her own blade.

It was always like this between them, he could take her life in an instant, but yet he refused. He held back his own strength, applying just enough pressure to the blade so that it sliced through the first layer of skin, drawing a small trickle of blood. It would have been enough to make any of his kind expose their fangs, but instead his head dipped down, his eyes locking onto her own. She felt his tongue move along the line of blood on her palm, ever slow slowly, calculated, as if he were exerting his control over her.

Emerald eyes glared forward with rage, that conceited look on his face making her heart race faster. Any fool could see that he was enjoying having her in this precarious situation. Olivia hated that he had such strength over her, the thought of a vampire, this vampire playing with her made her body grow hot. Another battle had erupted inside her, but it was with her emotions instead of weapons. He was so close, and the feel of his slippery tongue gliding across the crimson liquid sent forbidden chills through her body.

Looking away, her eyes briefly darted to his exposed chest before her. The ripped shirt and dried blood was the only remnant of the wound she inflicted just minutes before. At that moment, all that stood between their skin was a single steel sword and her leather corset. Her heart beat began to hasten at the thought, despite the warning her mind was screaming. Fool. You have to push back, kill him. He is a vampire, your enemy. But, Olivia’s hands refused to move, and like the many encounters before she found herself flirting on the edge of crossing a forbidden line. 

“Damn you,” she whispered, holding in the sound she truly wanted to let out, his rough lips pressing against the open wound. A faint sucking sound mixed in with the flowing water of the aquifer, but still he kept those dangerous fangs of his hidden. The frustration, the tingling of her electrified skin all bubbled over as she shut her eyes momentarily. “Stop playing these games!” The pain of her heart as the truth weighed heavily on her soul, a single tear that had slipped from the corner lid. She had always been alone, forced to walk the path of a cold-blooded huntress, forbidden to feel. Yet he knew her secret; what that deep, hidden desire was within her heart.

Would he call her by that nickname, sink his fangs into her flesh, play with the unrequited feelings she had for him? No, he just stood there. Those eyes of his just stared forward, no hint of emotion or thought to be read. This silence, hesitation, it was enough to drive her to madness. “You know exactly what you are doing to me.” A rare moment of defeat took over, her hand quivering over the hilt of the sword, “do something, anything… The desperation was swelling within her. Why, why does he insist on torturing me like this?