RP Information

Want to have a role play session with one of my characters? If so, check out my preferred methods below. If they pique your interest, then please reach out to me on the various methods below!

RP Sessions:

  • Discord (Group or Private DM)
  • Shared Google Doc
  • Dreamwidth Journal/Community
  • Open to other options upon discussion

RP Rules:

  • I require my writing partners be at least 18 years old. No exceptions. I am an adult, so therefore I do not feel comfortable interacting with anyone not of legal age.
  • Be upfront with your expectations. How often do you want to interact with me? Is this a one off or a long term session? Do you have a particular story idea in mind?
  • Be honest about your comfort zones. What do you feel comfortable writing, what is off limits?

Contact Information:

My Preference is to hear from you via twitter DM (@MoonTitanSelene) or E-mail thelunartitan(at)gmail(dot)com. Once we’ve established communication then I will be happy to share my discord/journal usernames so we can get started.