Shirayuki Tsukiko

Fandom: Touken Ranbu | Species: Human, Saniwa | Pairing: ?

Appearance: Long raven black hair with grey eyes. Usually she is wearing classic miko attire of a white kimono and red hakama.

Personality: Because of her experiences growing up, Shirayuki has always been extremely mature for her age. She has a very caring heart and worries about those around her even though she was treated coldly growing up. She is very hardworking, and when she struggles or faces seemingly impossible odds, Shirayuki refuses to give up.

Strengths:  She has a high level of spiritual power, allowing her the ability of foresight and sensing temporal distortions with ease.  She always completes what she has set out to accomplish. Shirayuki also forges strong bonds with her manifestations, putting her full trust in their abilities.

Weaknesses: Has trouble making friends since she was often looked down upon by others seeking to protect history. Shirayuki is also very clumsy, and often times over-exerts her spiritual powers driving herself to exhaustion. Her final weakness is the strength of her bonds with her manifestations, as she will do anything to protect them, even recklessly putting herself in danger.

Family: Shirayuki does not remember her original family as she was forced to leave home at a very young age. She was raised by elder sages, though her only true ‘family’ are the touken danshi she summons.

Familiar: Konnosuke, a spirit fox who loves aburaage (bean curd).

Touken Danshi: Nagasone Kotetsu (handed down from the previous Saniwa), Kashuu Kiyomitsu (Starter), Imanotsurugi (1), Midare Toushirou (2), Kogitsunemaru (3), and Horikawa Kunihiro (4) are the original swords of the citadel.

History:  Shirayuki was taken from her family at the very young age of four and thrust into the world of the Saniwa. Her high density of spiritual power and natural talent dubbed her a prodigy, making her the focus of many. This made her a target when she started to surpass those twice her age, leading to her being bullied.

She was assigned as an understudy to a citadel of an old Saniwa named Gozen Jirou at age 8. He was a crude master, who did not care about the lives of his touken danshi, seeing them as nothing more than tools. It was this ideology that often made him and Shirayuki disagree. With Jirou’s death, she became the youngest leader of a citadel at the age of 10. She released his previous Touken Danshi from service and only one, Nagasone Koetetsu, chose to stay and serve Shirayuki.

When she began to build her forces, her third sword summoned was the great Kogitsunemaru, who soon came to realize the great burden placed on the young saniwa. Whenever Shirayuki had doubts in herself, it was always Kogitsunemaru who was there to help her to reclaim her confidence.


  • Touken Danshi:  Aruji, Aruji-sama, Tsukiko-sama
    • Nagasone Kotetsu: Tsukiko-hime
    • Shokudaikiri Mitsutada: Hime-sama
    • Oodenta Mitsuyo: Tsukiko
    • Kogitsunemaru: Shirayuki