Rhiannon Archibald

Fandom: Fate Series (Grand Order/Zero) | Servant: Lancer / Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

Appearance: Dark cherry/mahogany hair that is hip length. Dark brown eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Because of her position within the Archibald family, Rhiannon is extremely quiet and reserved. She was never given a voice, and when she did speak she was often punished for doing so. All that mattered in the family was the success of her older brother,





  • Geoffrey Archibald (Father)
  • Archibald (Mother – Divorced)
  • Archibald (Older Brother)


A talented mage and the second child of the House of Archibald. Her older brother was chosen to succeed as the family head and was sent to the prestigious Clock Tower to study; whereas she was self-taught and treated as nothing more than a source of mana for her family. She stumbled upon an old celtic necklace within the family library, which she keeps and ends up wearing. (Later this becomes the object that she summons her servant from).

Even after all their preparation, the grail chooses Rhiannon rather than her brother. Furious and insisting they would lose, they try to force her to give up her crest and command spells. While they begin to steal her mana, somehow she summons her servant, a Lancer who has a history with Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. Not taking kindly to his new master’s mistreatment, Lancer decides to make them pay before helping her escape the estate.