Wilhelmina ‘ Mina’ Harker


Modern Day

True Name:Wilhelmina ‘ Mina’ Van Helsing || True Name: Wilhelmina ‘ Mina’ Harker
Genre: Anime (Vampire Knight) || Type:  Mixed (Hunter/Witch) ||  Pairing: Akatsuki Kain

Physical Description: Stands tall at 5’9 and her body size is slender, but curvy. She has ice blue eyes, long black hair, and light colored skin. Both forearms have visible rune tattoos which are normally hidden underneath her school uniform.

Personality: Her words can be sharp and crude, as she isn’t afraid to tell others her opinions. It can also be misconstrued that she orders others around and pushes them away, but she only does so when there is a threat of some sort lurking nearby. Most of the time she seems cold or void of emotion all together; she doesn’t get excited, cry, and rarely ever loses her cool. Being trained as a hunter has led to difficulties trusting anyone or getting too close; after all she never knows when she may be asked to dispel justice due to council orders.

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, skilled with a crossbow, twin sais, staff/spear, katana, and guns. Because of her mixed bloodline, she can summon her weapons via rune tattoos on her body, allowing her to have an armory at her disposal. It is a unique technique mastered only by her family line, but it weakens her magical energy with each summon, so there are limits to this power.

Family: Deceased. Jonathan Van Helsing is her Guardian.

History: Mina grew up in a small apartment in London with her mother, Diana Harker. She never knew her father, but he apparently was quite a skilled hunter as well. When she was five, Mina’s mother was killed after investigating a string of witch murders; all of them had been left completely drained of their blood by a vampire. She had a breakthrough and contacted her good friend, Jonathan Van Helsing but he arrived too late. He found Olivia hidden in a locked room and Diana was brutally drained.

Knowing that Mina was the last in the Harker line, he adopted her into the Van Helsing family and changed her last name to Van Helsing for her protection. All references pertaining to her mother and lineage were destroyed at the Council of Hunters. They left London and traveled all over the world wherever Jonathan’s services were needed. When she was seven he began to train her to become a hunter, and she had a natural talent just like her mother.

Currently she is a member of the night class at Cross Academy. Olivia is the lone resident of the twilight dorm, as the night class made up of vampires who refuse to let her stay in their building.