Olivia ‘Liv’ Vaughn

Full Name: Olivia Vaughn ||  Nickname: Liv
Type:  Nightworld, (Hybrid) Hunter ||  Soulmate:  ?

Physical Description: Stands tall at 5’8 and her body size is slender, but has thick, muscular legs. She has haunting emerald green eyes, long black hair, and pale white skin. After years of hunting she’s been left with countless scars on her body, however the marred skin on her right shoulder is particularly noticeable.

Personality: Her words can be sharp and sassy, she isn’t afraid to tell others her thoughts. Most of the time she seems cold or void of emotion all together; she doesn’t get excited, cry, and rarely ever loses her cool. Growing up as a lone hunter, she never played nice with others and has difficulty trusting anyone, even those within the hunters council.

Strengths: As a hunter she was skilled with hand-to-hand combat and using a variety of weapons (though a crossbow and her twin pistols were her favorite choices). She also has excellent investigative and research skills, whether it’s on the street or online. Thanks to her mixed bloodline of witch and shapeshifter, her senses of sight and hearing, and speed are enhanced, allowing her to hold her own against even a vampire.

Weaknesses: Even thought she was born with the blood of a powerful witch, Olivia is unable to control any form of elemental magic. After an investigation went south, she found herself in a trap and became severely injured. Once healed, she learns that one injury left her with permanent damage to her right arm. This leaves her with only her leg strength and left hand to defend herself. Liv does not advertise this, but those who know her will realize she’s not the same fearsome huntress she used to be.

Family: Olivia was raised as an orphan, never knowing her parents. From what she was told, her mother was a married pureblood witch who had fallen in love with a shapeshifter, and from that union had a love child. Out of revenge, her father was killed by her mother’s vampire husband. Rather than have their newborn share the same fate, Olivia was handed over to the Hunter’s Council. Because of the ‘shameful affair’ — all records of her family were destroyed, so she may never find out who her mother is.

She studied under the guidance of Vincent Vaughn-Helwing, and considers him the closest person she has to family. Olivia even chose to take his last name of Vaughn when she was selected to become a hunter.

History: Olivia, or ‘Liv’ had always been a woman who was serious about her role. She trained constantly, working hard to sharpen and maintain her skills as a hunter. She always knew that her position made her nothing more than a mere tool of the Council, yet she took pride in her work. However, as time went on she found herself gaining more enemies than friends, even amongst the Hunter’s Council. She had received investigation orders that seemed suspicious, and soon learned she was ordered to take on an impossible mission. She had outlived her usefulness, and must have been deemed a threat. Oliva found herself trapped and surrounded by a swarm of lycans. She barely survived that gruesome fight, and only lived because someone else stepped in to save her. 

Olivia spent months recovering, but in the end was left with permanent damage to the nerves in her right arm. Stubbornly she returned to the Hunter’s Council in the hopes she could unravel the mystery as to who sentenced her to death, and why.