Miyuki Tsukuyomi

Hakuouki (Anime) | Species: Pureblood Oni

Appearance: Miyuki is a tall, lean woman with long raven hair.

Personality:  There are two sides to Miyuki; the public and private persona. She appears to be a calm and collected ronin, focussed on her revenge. At times she can appear to be ‘flirtatious’, but it’s generally used to goad someone into a battle or some other form of amusement. Privately, she is very lonely because her clan has been decimated and she had no family left. This leaves her with a feeling of bitterness, emptiness, and a psychological need to not attach herself to anyone else. It takes significant work to break through her guarded exterior.

Strengths:  Skilled warrior, Fearless

Weaknesses: Smart mouth, cold/cruel nature, Her desire for revenge, a severe physical weakness to Silver

Relationships: Because of her desire for revenge on her clan, Miyuki has chosen to not get close to anyone. However she finds herself intrigued by the demon Shiranui Kyo as well as his human rival Harada Sanosuke. It isn’t until after her identity is revealed that Kazama Chikage actually dares to respect her.


  • Tsukuyomi Akio (Father, Deceased)
  • Tsukuyomi Yuna (Mother, Deceased)


Heir to the extinct Tsukuyomi Clan, Miyuki is the last of the original Oni (demon) line. Seeking revenge for the destruction of her family and home, along the way she learns valuable lessons about love, friendship, and justice. She wields twin katana’s as her weapon of choice and has a unique demon form that stands out from other pure-blood demons. Her true form wields two ivory horns, white hair, golden eyes with red pupils, and the moon phases etched in a blue tribal patters down her shoulders and arms. She can described as strong, confident, and flirty.


  • Name: Miyuki. *Everyone knows her first name only, she does not share her family name with anyone in order to protect her lineage.
  • Childhood Nickname: ‘Chīsana Senshi’ (tiny warrior)
  • Amagiri: Lady Tsukuyomi