Miki Kuroda

Fandom: Free!   ||   Position: Athletic Trainer (Student)

Pronunciation: MICK-EE  KU-ROAD-AH

Appearance: Long, honey/gold hair, dark mahogany eyes, and she wars red glasses when reading. Appears to be a tall, slender woman but underneath her clothing she hides a toned, athletic build which is very rarely ever displayed.

Personality: Miki takes her apprenticeship as an athletic trainer seriously, coming off as cold and strict. Because of this attitude she’s developed the nickname of “Goldilocks”, since nothing is ever done to her satisfaction. She may push the athletes and appear to be cruel towards them, but she genuinely wants to aid in their recovery so they can attain the dreams she herself had taken away.

Normally Miki is a very solitary person, focusing on her studies and keeping in shape. This isn’t by choice however; she wants nothing more than to fill that empty void within her heart, but Miki also fears abandonment, which keeps her from seeking out company. She also dislikes those who put their career over friends and family, knowing firsthand the effects of being left behind.

Strengths:  Extremely Studious/Intelligent, physical strength (upper and lower body), hard worker, dedicated. Perfectionist

Weaknesses:  Perfectionist. A heart condition that she hides from everyone. Poor Stamina. A lack of friends. Comes off as cold an insensitive.

Relationships: (*coming soon)


  •  Mikhail Makarovich (Biological Father)
  •  Yukino Kuroda (Mother)
  • Aiichirō Nitori (Cousin)


  • Makoto Tachibana

Love Interests:

  •  Rin Matsuoka
  •  Sousuke Yamazaki

History: Miki is the lovechild between a famous Russian swimmer (Mikjail Markarovich) and Japanese water polo star (Yukino Kuroda).  Her parents never married, and both chose their careers instead. Yukino chose to raise her daughter alone, so Miki had very little interaction with her father growing up. While her mother was supportive she was forced to constantly work as a coach to make ends meet, causing Miki to begin disliking her father for ‘abandoning’ his responsibilities. To this day when asked about her family she claimed she didn’t have, nor need a father — and refuses to call Mikhail by that term. Mikhail may view their relationship differently, but in her mind one just simply does not exist.

Having an athletic pedigree, Miki was expected to become a fierce competitor when she took up both track and diving, however when she was twelve an incident led to a health discovery that changed everything. No longer able to compete professionally, she chose to hide her condition from the world, quitting under the guise that she never had a desire to participate in sports.

However, Miki continues to keep her body in shape, watching competitions with sad, envious eyes. In order to stay close to sports, she chose a career path focussing on athletic training. She is currently taking part in an apprenticeship with Makoto under the direction of Nao Serizawa. Miki specializes in physical therapy and strength training.