Kimiko Sanada

Character image commissioned by Blu3 Mun Art 
Fandom: Sengoku Basara 
 | Pairing: Masamune Date

Appearance: Kimiko has blue-grey eyes, long raven hair, and a creamy complexion. She is tall for a woman (5″6), and for a period of time growing up she was taller than Yukimura. Do not let her skinny build fool you, underneath her clothing she has muscular legs and arms from horseback riding and archery.

When she is a member of the Sanada clan she wears red and gold, but she permanently switches to blues and silvers once she becomes the Lady of Oshu.

No matter if she is wearing formal attire or battle armor, Kimiko always has on a black chord necklace with six gold coins. This is a tradition of the Sanada Clan so that they have money to tip the ferryman to the afterlife. Even after she is extradited from the family she still wears it to remember the family she came from.

Sanada Battle Outfit (Click for Full Res)

Weapon:  Kimiko is a skilled archer, so she has an ornate silver and blue bow that was custom made for her. In order to protect herself in close combat, the bow has naginata blades at both ends.

Personality: From a very young age she was taught to represent their family with poise and strength. She has always embodied the fiery Sanada fighting spirit, which often caused rifts between Kimiko and her uncle Masayuki since she would always speak her mind. While on the outside she portrays herself as such, behind the mask she feels lonely and often abandoned. Struggling with the loss of her parents, then being disowned by her uncle did a number on her confidence. Thankfully with the love of a one-eyed dragon she was able to find herself again and grow new bonds with the Date clan.

Strengths:  Archery, Political Prowess, Extremely Loyal

Weaknesses: Headstrong/Stubborn when it comes to something she believes in. Fear of being alone/abandoned.

Relationships: Kimiko loved her parents and was exceptionally close to her father despite the circumstances. They may have appeared like a normal family, however it was well known that Nobutsuna and Michi were only married in name, and she had always been in love with another. When Nobutsuna died in battle, soon after Michi decided to leave the Sanada clan to marry her true love. Explaining her decision to Masayuki, he disowned Michi from the clan and refused to let her take Kimiko, insisting that his brother’s child must remain a member of the Sanada. There was a tearful goodbye, and from that point on she never saw her mother again.

After he forced her mother to leave, Kimiko had a strained relationship with her uncle Masayuki. Often times he reminded her that the success of his two sons came first, and that while she was a member of the clan, Kimiko was an afterthought. The final blow to their relationship occurred when he decides to force her into a marriage — much like what happened to her mother. This and the subsequent incidents after led to him disowning her, and thus ending their relationship.

Yukimura Sanada

However she had the opposite relationship with her cousins; Yukimura and Nobuyuki loved like a younger sister. Even when their father chooses to disown her, both brothers stand by her side and continue to care for their ‘imouto’ (Japanese term for younger sister).

After being ‘kidnapped’ from her ‘kidnappers’ and recuperating in Oshu, Kimiko ended up growing attracted to the bold Date leader, Masamune. Attempting to ignore her growing feelings, it isn’t until he surprisingly comes to her aid that she acknowledges what her heart was saying all along. When he proved his words that he refused to leave her behind, she quickly found herself as the ‘Boss Lady of Oshu.”

“Of course I came for you, I told you that I will never leave a member of the Date clan behind”


  • Nobutsuna Sanada (Father, Deceased)
  • Michi Sanada (Mother)
  • Masayuki Sanada (Uncle)
  • Yukimura Sanada (Cousin)
  • Nobuyuki Sanada (Cousin)
  • Masamune Date (Lover)


Kimiko was born in Shinano Province, and was the only child of Nobutsune Sanada and Michi. Her father was the head of the Sanada clan until the brutal Battle of Nagashino where he lost his life  at the hands of the Oda Clan. Her uncle, Masayuki Sanada took over as the next Daiymo, and in order to honor his brother’s memory he chose to welcome them into his home. However, in a surprise decision her mother Michi took this opportunity to marry another samurai whom she had always loved, forced to leave Kimiko behind in Masayuki’s care.

Accepting her as a daughter of the Sanada, Kimiko grew up with her cousins Yukimura and Nobuyuki –whom became her big brothers. She spent many days watching them train for battle, but since she too wanted to learn how to fight they saw to it that she learned how to ride horses and master archery.

One day out of the blue Masayuki called for Kimiko, and in front of all the Sanada retainers announced that she would be married to Hideyoshi Toyotomi; a warlord who had lost his wife and was in need of an heir. Kimiko was shocked, and argued with her uncle in front of the entire Sanada clan stating she wasn’t a pawn to be traded off for a fool’s alliance — and even went as far to comment that her father would never approve of this.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Masayuki lost his patience, irritated that dared to argue with him in front of their retainers and ordered her to comply as he was the current head of the Sanada clan. Yukimura and Nobuyuki were displeased as well,  especially the fact that she was to leave the next day.  The Uesugi had been targeting the Takeda and their allies aggressively, so sending a young bride out during this time was a bad idea in Yukimura’s mind. However Masayuki wouldn’t budge, and said that Kimiko would leave the following night with escorts from both the Sanada and Toyotomi.

After making a tearful goodbye, Kimiko entered the palanquin and began her journey during dusk. Not far from their borders they were attacked by Uesugi soldiers, and the palanquin and Kimiko were sent rolling down a hill. Forcing herself out of the broken pile of wood she tried to fight back, but couldn’t run away, let alone stand due to a injured leg from the fall. She was quickly overpowered and knocked out.

After slaying all the Toyotomi and Sanada guards, they hid her on a cart surrounded by bags of rice and began to travel to Uesegi lands.  However, before they had a chance to get too far,  a group of soldiers from the Date clan led by Kojūrō Katakura killed engaged them. After slaying the Uesegi’s men, Kojūrō found the injured and unconscious woman. Immediately recognizing the crest on her clothing he determined that she was a high-ranking member of the Sanada clan. Being that Yukimura was his lord’s rival,  he decided to bring her back to Oshu where Lord Masamune would be the one to decide her fate.

Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada


  • Public: Kimiko-hime / Hime-sama,  Lady Sanada / Lady Date
  • Friends/Family: Kimi, Kimiko, Imouto
  • Date Clan Troops:  Boss Lady of Oshu (A play off of Masamune’s nickname – the ‘Big Boss of Oshu’)

Clan Mon (Symbol):

Misc Photos and Quotes

“The title itself means nothing Kimi, to me you will always be a Sanada.” ~ Nobuyuki Sanada
“Tch I told you I’d come back, don’t look at me that way Hime…your face is far too pretty to be stained with tears.”
“When I can’t be with him I need you to be Lord Masamune’s right eye; you are the only other who can be trusted with this role.”