Katsumi Sakamoto

Fandom: Hakuouki (Anime) | Species: ½ Oni |  Pairing: Kyo Shiranui

Appearance: Long violet hair, garnet eyes and prefers to wear dark colors such as black, teal, and red.

Personality: Katsumi is often described as loud, obnoxious, and perhaps a bit ‘bratty’. However if you look past her bold exterior, she just is a young woman who is unsure what her place is in the world. She is neither a human or demon, which makes her unable to truly fit in with either group. This leads her to  become easily angered and frustrated when her mixed heritage is brought up.

Strengths: Passionate, and unyielding at times.

Weaknesses: Her pride, her brother, hot temper, loud mouth, refusal to back down.

Katsumi is a half demon, so her strength and healing abilities are much weaker than  those of a normal demon. Due to this she is also unable to take on a full demon form. This often leads to conflicts with pure-blood demons, and with humans who don’t understand her unnatural speed and strength.


  • Ryōma Sakamoto (Half Brother, share the same father)


  • Takasugi Shinsaku
  • Shiranui Kyo


  • Shinsengumi; Okita Souji

Younger sister of Ryōma from Tosa. She grew up as the ‘bastard’ child of her father who had a short relationship with a demoness. As a half demon she was unable to live with her mother due to the strict rules for residing within the Kazama Clan.  Left behind, she was forced to live with her human father, having to work within the Sakamoto household to survive.

Her older, half brother Ryōma cared for her,  much to the disagreement of their father. Knowing what she was, he taught her how to protect herself from human and demon alike — as well as how to read and write knowing she would far outlive him.

As Katsumi grew older, she formed relationships with her brother’s friends, Takasugi Shinsaku and the demon Shiranui Kyo. Shinsaku tended to spoil her, brining her gifts from overseas and telling her all the fascinating experience he had. She’d often turn to him when she needed help, knowing he’d always support her unorthodox attitude.

Her brother has been out of contact for months so she traveled alone to Kyoto to find him. She is well versed in Hokushin Ittō-ryū. Both her Katana and wakizashi have her family crest on the hilt which features a Kikyōmon (Chinese bellflower). She is very outspoken, brave, and is willing to do anything for her Nīsan.


  • Shiranui Kyo: Princess / Kat
  • Sakamoto Ryouma: Kat, Kat-chan
  • Okita Souji: Neko-chan