Hitomi Suzume

Hitomi Suzume
Art by Sarah / @SoujisWife

Fandom: Hakuouki (Anime) | Species: Human
Pairing: Harada Sanosuke / Shiranui Kyo

Appearance:  Hitomi is considered tall for being a Japanese woman, her height averaging around 5’6” (making her the same height as Hajime Saitou). Her build is thin and lanky, but her movements are often seen as graceful and elegant. She has a fair complexion, making her frequent blushing stand out even more so. Her eyes are a shade of brown often described as the color of warm honey. Hitomi’s thigh-length hair is a dark chestnut, which is generally worn straight with long side bangs that reach her collarbone. Because of the length, she usually wears half her hair pulled back into a simple bun with a hairpin. Her usual kimono colors are generally warm tones; Tans, yellows, oranges, reds, and golds.

Personality: She may appear as a ‘fragile woman’ based off her looks, however Hitomi is a fighter and a survivor. She often tries to focus on the “bright side” of life and is called optimistic by the other members of the Shinsengumi. She generally wears her emotions on her sleeve, even though she tries to put on a brave face in order to support the Shinsengumi in hard times. Others generally describe her as the light in the room or the sun, finding themselves drawn to her, and relying on her positive nature.

Strengths:  Hitomi always has a positive attitude, so it’s very rare to see her down or depressed unless someone she cares for is hurt. She is very nurturing/caring towards others, often taking on cooking or injury treatment jobs for the unit. Having worked from a young age she has a strong work ethic, and is never seen slacking off (even when she was with her first child).

Weaknesses: Early on she has a lack of self-confidence, but that gradually changes over the course of her relationship with Sanosuke. Hitomi is unable to lie or hide any of her emotions, and can find herself in bad situations when putting too much trust in others. She also tends to works too hard, forgetting to relax and getting to the point of exhaustion, especially when times are tough. She also has a clumsy side, loosing her balance and becoming injured easily, making some of the captains keep an extra eye on her. Hitomi admires the warriors of the Shinsengumi and doesn’t want to be a burden to them, so she does get quite upset and profusely apologizes when something happens and she needs their help.

Art by Blu3 Mun Art

Hitomi and Sanosuke Harada (10th Division Captain) end up falling in love with each other, and eventually having a family. As for the other members of the Shinsengumi, Kondou is very affectionate and fatherly to her, as she reminds him of his own daughter he had to leave behind. She is closest with the ‘baka trio’ of the unit. Heisuke views her as his “Onee-san”, whereas Shinpachi acts as a protective brother who isn’t afraid to knock some sense into his best friend Sano when times get rough. As for friends, she becomes close with Sen and Chizuru, and has a friendship with Sanosuke’s “rival” Kyo Shiranui.

*In one of the AU’s, after Sanosuke dies from his wounds in battle, Kyo returns his spear to his wife Hitomi and son Shigeru. Kyo then fulfills the promise he made to Sanosuke to take care of them, and eventually he and Hitomi end up married and have a daughter named Megumi.


  • Kenji Suzume(Father, Deceased)
  • Keiko Suzume (Mother, Deceased)
  • Yamato Suzume (Uncle)
  • Mei Suzume (Aunt)
  • Noriko Suzume (Niece)
  • Ren Suzume (Nephew)
  • Sanosuke Harada (Husband)
  • Shigeru Harada (Son)

Art by Makku

History (Bakumatsu):
Born in Sendai, her father Kenji Suzume lost his life in battle under the service of Kunishige Date. After his death her mother Keiko moved them to Osaka where they would live with her brother in law Yamato Suzume. Her mother soon became ill and passed away, leaving Hitomi in the care of her uncle’s family. Once old enough, Hitomi began to work as a waitress at their family restaurant, and was extremely popular amongst the patrons.

However, her life quickly changes when Kamo Serizawa and Niimi Nishiki of the Rōshigumi arrive at her uncle’s restaurant. Serizawa takes offense to the food and sake, and gets into an argument with her uncle, eventually threatening the man and demanding repayment for offending him. Yamato has two choices; he can either pay for the offense with his life or hand over someone to be his servant. Being responsible for not only his wife and his own two children, he offers up Hitomi who is forced to leave immediately and travel by foot to Kyoto with the group of samurai.

History (Modern): Hitomi lost her parents at a young age due to an accident, finding herself being adopted by a friend of her parents, Isami Kondou. She spent her days growing up in a loving home with Isami and her ‘adoptive brother’ Souji Okita. Hitomi had always taken her studies seriously, working hard to be at the top of her class and even assisting the tutoring of other students. This often makes her a target for teasing, but because of her relationship with the others at her father’s Dojo, she always has someone to turn to for help.

She enjoys reading, often being seen with her nose in a book. Hitomi plays piano, enjoys singing, and is involved in the music and drama clubs. Her dream is to go to a prestigious University and become a music teacher.


  • Harada Sanosuke:  Hitomi, Hime-sama, Tsuma (wife)
  • Heisuke Todou: Hitomi, Onee-san (Older sister)
  • Kyo Shiranui:  ‘Tomi, ‘Tomi-chan, Megami (Goddess)
  • Hajime Saitou: Suzume-san / Hitomi-san after she marries Sanosuke
  • Friends: Hitomi, Hitomi-chan

Other Facts:

  • Regarding Age: Hitomi is four years younger than Sanosuke Harada; so If he was 23 when Chizuru Yukimura (Age 16) arrives, then Hitomi would be 19 years old.
  • Jealousy: Sanosuke doesn’t mind when Heisuke rests his head on his wife’s lap, but he does get jealous when Shinpachi does the same. It’s not that he doesn’t trust his best friend, but rather the fact that Shin does it because he knows it irritates Sanosuke.
  • Romantic Rivalry: In the modern AU, Sanosuke and Kyo are romantic rivals, both vying for love and attention from Hitomi. During the Bakumatsu period, Sanosuke and Hitomi’s relationship is well secured before they ever meet, so Kyo’s feeling are more-so admiration from afar.