Mizuki Hattori

Fandom: Ninja AU  | Pairing: Iga Hiroshi

Pronunciation: ME-ZOO-KEY HAT-TOR-EE

Appearance:  Mizuki is of average height and lean, but has very little muscle to her body. Her skin is pale due to spending most of her time indoors. Eyes are the color of warm honey, and she has waist length chestnut hair usually worn up in a ponytail. She normally wears hues of lavender and gold on her clothing. You can imagine her primary outfit looks like this; a single shoulder short kimono. As a note, Mizuki has the Hattori Hanzo’s mon/symbol tattooed on her lower left back.

Hattori Mon

Ninja Skills:  Mizuki is not a highly skilled Ninja considering her family lineage, however she studied all the basic techniques. She is able to defend herself, but it doesn’t take much for her to be physically overpowered. Her true strength lies in her resourcefulness and book-read knowledge, particularly with herbalism (healing/poisons) and tactical planning.

Her special technique is called ‘Mystic Eyes’. It allows her to disable/counteract any Kuji-kuri by locking eyes with the perpetrator. This is a very unique, protective technique that was discovered by accident during a training session one day. Her brother Ichirou insisted she tell no one of it in order to protect herself, and promised to only share the information with their father. (As a note, when Mizuki uses this technique her eyes turn from gold to a bright blue color.)

Personality: Despite her situation, Mizuki is a kind and cheerful young woman. Growing up she was called weak and treated poorly by others, which is something that has stuck with her. Because of this, Mizuki feels the need to constantly prove her worth to the clan through hard work and determination.

Strengths:  Herbalism. Knowledge of historical battle tactics. Mental tenacity. Playing the shamisen.

Weaknesses: Weak constitution. Lack of physical strength. Becomes emotional easily.

Mizuki has a strained relationship with most of the people in her clan. While she is extremely close with her oldest brother Ichirou, the others seem to view her as nothing more than a weak child.

For example, her brother Jirou is extremely cold and crude towards her, never mincing his words. Since Mizuki was often ill as a young child, she was constantly doted over and cared for. She was allowed to skip trainings that were expected of the others, and led a ‘pampered’ life compared to other children in the clan. This anger only seemed to grow more as he grew older, even going as far to say that she is a disgrace and has no place in the Hattori clan. This attitude drew not only the ire of Ichirou, but also Hanzō himself.

Raising two sons to become the next generation of ninja was easy, however Hanzō found himself changing around Mizuki. Even though he was a ruthless clan leader, the moment he saw the small, frail child whom they had nearly lost, Hanzō became soft towards her. He treated her as if she was a fragile piece of pottery that could easily break. While he shared only this side of himself with her, his sons both noticed how Mizuki was treated differently. Everything changed however when his wife passed away. From that point on Hanzō distanced himself from his daughter, no longer fulfilling the role as the doting, kind father he was before.

It was rumored that Hanzō was devastated by the loss of Megumi, and since Mizuki looked so much like her it was painful to be in her presence. She believes this to be the reason why he changed, however in truth it was done in order to protect her.


  • Hattori Hanzō II (Father)
  • Megumi (Mother, Deceased)
  • Ichirou (Brother, Heir to the Clan)
  • Jurou (Brother)
Hanzo II, Ichirou, and Jurou

History: Mizuki was born as the third child, and is the only daughter of the current Hattori Hanzō. She arrived two months early, and because of such was a sickly child growing up. Her weak constitution often led her to be kept secluded indoors at Edo Castle, and away from physical activity. In order to pass the time when ill, she focussed on reading and herbalism, learning as much as she could from the doctor that treated her.

When she lost her mother at age 7, Mizuki found herself even more lonely than before. Her father spent very little time with her from that point on, and only her oldest brother, Ichirou stayed by her side. He personally helped to train her in the ninja arts, but it was soon determined by age 10 that she just did not have the physical stamina nor abilities to take up the mantle her skilled mother left behind.

The clan members viewed the child as a disappointment, often calling her a burden on the clan. This weighed on Mizuki heavily, but she continued to train and learn as much as she could. Her brother Ichirou always insisted that her strengths lie beyond assassination and espionage; he finds her Kuji-kuri technique powerful, as well as her knowledge. He often stands up for her, encouraging Mizuki to keep excelling at what she is strong at, not what was expected of her.

Now that she has grown into an adult, she was struggling to find a place within the clan. Her skills primarily focussed on healing, but that still wasn’t enough to satisfy the Hattori. She quickly found herself being pressured into creating new poisons, forcing her to leave the grounds of Edo castle in search of several rare plants. It is there in the nearby woods that she was attacked, throwing Mizuki into a plot that would forever change the course of her future.


  • Public: Mizuki-sama, Lady Mizuki
  • Friends/Family: Mizuki/Mizuki-kun
  • Hiroshi: He calls her Mizuki most of the time, however he uses the nickname Koujo-sama when he’s teasing her, and Otohime when he’s affectionate. 

Mizuki taught herself how to play the Shamisen, and the first song she learned was an old ninja lullaby that her mother would sing to her. I wrote these lyrics to go along with the song Genzai no tomoshibi (by EGOIST).

Sakura, petals fly, soaring up to the sky
Thousands of scattered blooms
Float like snow in the air

Sakura, petals fall, one by one to the ground
Beautiful, fleeting lives
Their ending’s come to soon
Dry your tears, take solace,
No regrets in their hearts
Sakura, petals wilt, in time spring will return

Sakura, petals fly, soaring up to the sky
Thousands of scattered blooms
Float like snow in the air
Float like snow in the air


  • Megami died after accidentally ingesting poisonous tea intended for Mizuki. Hanzō never forgave himself for what happened, taking shame in not only his wife’s death, but also the attempt of assassinating on his youngest child. The information surrounding her death was kept secret from all but the clan doctor and Ichirou. They never were able to identify the perpetrator.
  • For some unknown reason Mizuki attracts animals, seeming to tame even the wildest of mares with her presence.
  • Her shamisen is painted with a gold pattern of cherry blossom branches and flowers