Ella (Luella) Stoker

Luella Constance Stoker
Species: Human, Mixed (Demon) | Position: Huntress
Quote: “I swear upon Dracula’s grave that you’ll pay for your crimes!”

Appearance: Pale skin, icy blue/grey eyes, and black hair that reaches down past her shoulder blades. Her body is lean and muscular, and her height is a bit below average (5’1″). Ella dresses in all black giving her fashion sense a goth appearance. She prefers to blend into the darkness, and to have the ability to hide multiple weapons on her person, so long black coats and pants with additional straps are functional for her.

Personality: Ella has always had a sharp, sarcastic tongue, her words coming off as cocky or crude. Generally though she keeps her distance from others, choosing to take on her cases alone. Watching her grandfather’s death drove her to keep a hermit-like lifestyle as she grew up. Ella never wants to experience the pain she felt that day again, so she becomes emotionally disconnected from those around her. Her primary focus always set on her latest bounty, the ideas of friends, romance and companionship always remaining at the back of her mind.

Strengths: Intelligent and has a ‘sixth sense’ of awareness when it comes to her surroundings. Ella has cat-like reflexes, allowing her to sneak around and /mostly/ land on her feet. When in a bind, she can ‘Macgyver’ any object into a weapon, but she prefers to use her arsenal when it’s at her disposal.

Weaknesses: Can become ‘obsessed’ with her work, refusing to take a break until a target is found and brought to justice. Bullheaded/stubborn. Often refuses the help of others even in times of need (done partially out of a fear of involving others in her affairs). Ella also has an extreme fear of thunderstorms.

Relationships: In her line of work she thinks it’s too much trouble to make friends that could betray or be used against you later. Ella likes to believe that she just uses the people around her to her advantage, when secretly, deep inside she does actually care about their wellbeing.

History:  From an early age Ella knew that there was far more to this world than humans. Her mother handed the young girl over to her grandfather Abe (Abraham), who would take on her training. He raised her not only to be a strong and skilled hunter, but also a knowledgeable one. Ella learned how to outsmart her enemies by using tactics and psychology, as well as investigative skills. She was well on her way to becoming a Helsing candidate, until an incident occurred when she was sixteen.

It was a stormy, summer night in May when they arrived, the pack of wolves who wished to get payback for the execution of their former leader. Her grandfather sensed their dark intentions, and hid her below the wood floor, making her promise to leave only after it was safe. As the storm raged outside she became petrified, witnessing his gruesome end. There was nothing left of him when they were done.

Ella didn’t leave the home for nearly a week, and when she did, she learned that not only did the wolf pack kill her grandfather, but also the innocent people who lived in the small town surrounding them. After burying all the dead she made a promise to herself, to avoid involving any ‘innocents’ in the future, not wanting any blood of the pure to be spilled in her family’s name.

She traveled around from city to city taking odd jobs until she found steady work with the Hunters Council. Deciding to put the skills her grandfather taught her to work, she joined and began to make a name for herself. Rumors of her reputation as a ‘Black Ice Queen’ spread as she grew older, and soon Ella found herself accepting some of the toughest bounties out there. Her profession made more enemies than ‘acquaintances’ — often leading to problems for the young woman.

Content with being a solo huntress, she refused all offers from others who wanted to partner with her. Ella insisted that the others would only hold her back, and continued to walk her path alone. However one night that all changed when she was hunting a maddened vampire, and became badly injured. Near death she refused to give up, reaching for her pistol when a demon appeared. He could sense the demon blood hidden within her, so he made her an offer; he would save her life if she helped keep him alive. Not wanting to die, she accepted the deal, only to learn after she recovered that the demon who helped her was an incubus.

Their blood pact causes constant conflict between them; she prefers to be alone – whereas he needs human contact and sexual desires to live. She cannot stand it when he enters her dreams, complains about her lack of breasts, or forces her to lay down beside him. But, as opposites attract, they develop a bond with each other over the past two years. Now they are a powerful duo that can capture any bounty, that is, if they can get along long enough!

Character Notes:

  • As an interesting fact, Ella Is a descendant of Bram Stoker who wrote the tale of Dracula after he retired from Vampire hunting. It is recommended that you do not bring up the book as she will talk about the characters for hours.
  • Her mother was human hunter, but her father was a demon. Only a small percentage of the demon blood was passed on, so Ella is still considered a human by most. Only the strongest of the night world are truly able to detect her secret. While it was normal for mixed breeds to acquire power, the only benefit she received from this union was was her agility. Beyond her cat-like movements she is most certainly a human.
  • While she loves her arsenal of weapons, Ella prefers not to stain her hands unless absolutely necessary. She often just incapacitates underlings, focussing on her main target. She may be cold hearted, but Ella still has a great respect for life and wishes to uphold her promise to never kill those who are innocent or caught up in a crime.
  • Those around her may call her Ella or Elly, but do not ever…EVER call her by the nickname ‘Lulu’ unless you wish to suffer a long, painful death.